River of Gold
ISBN : 978-1-55380-071-2

In this sequel to the best-selling novel When Eagles Call, two Hawaiian labourers – Kimo Kanui and his friend Moku – end their contract with the Hudson's Bay Company in Fort Langley and trek north to join the great Cariboo gold rush of the early 1860s. Along with a black man from the Carolinas and a native Sto:lo woman won and freed in a card game, they face dangers and challenges along the trail as winter sets in. (more…)


When Eagles Call
ISBN : 1-55380-005-2

In this historical novel, Susan Dobbie takes us inside the world of Kimo Kanui, a young man who leaves his native Hawaii in the early 19th century at a time when thousands of his people were departing to find work abroad. Dobbie follows Kimo when he signs on with the Hudson's Bay Company and is sent as a labourer to Fort Langley on the banks of the Fraser River. (more…)


Jimmy Goes Home
Children's Short Story and Lesson Plan for Grades 4 through 6
Parks Canada Website (See Teachers' Corner/Fur Trade).

The journey of a young half-native, half-white boy stationed in 19th century Ft. St. James with his Scottish father, Kwantlen mother and his young sister, and their exciting trip by canoe and horse with the Hudson's Bay Fur Brigaders home to Fort Langley, a journey that brings about his new Kwantlen name. Teachers' study papers and Lesson Plan for Grades 4 to 6 provided. (more…)